5 Fun Exercise Ball Activities for Kids

December 21st, 2017

An exercise ball is a fun piece of equipment that we frequently use in physical therapy for strengthening and balance exercises. It comes in a wide ranges of sizes and can be easy and quick to purchase for home. Here are some fun activities you can do at home with use of an exercise ball…

Trunk Strengthening in Sitting

This is a great exercise for kids of all ages! Help your child to sit on the exercise ball and stabilize them at their hips. Gently bounce them up and down. This is great for bringing about body awareness, as well as teaching your child to engage their core muscles to maintain their sitting posture. You can also rock your child forward and back, side to side, or along a diagonal for them to work on their balance and core strength.

If you have an older child you can have them sit on the ball while performing school work or any table time activity. Just make sure their feet are planted on the floor while on the therapy ball. Give cues to have them sit up tall in order to increase core strength and improve posture. 

Prone Walk Outs

With a smaller sized ball, have your child lay on their tummy on the ball. Then have them walk out forward on their hands so that the ball rolls toward their knees, then have them walk their hands back. Try having them complete a puzzle or a game in this position by walking their hands forward to obtain a piece and then walking their hands back to put the piece into the puzzle.

Air Kicks

Having your child lay on their back and propped up on their arms (make sure their arms are on the floor).  Encourage your child to bring both legs up to 90 degrees in the ready position. Stand in front of them with a medium sized therapy ball. Lightly toss the ball towards their feet and have them kick it back to you.  This will help their core and leg strength.  

Wall Squats

On a smaller sized ball, have your child lean the ball against the wall with their back.  Have them sit down and pretend they are sitting in a chair. Repeat this movement for leg strengthening and balance. This can be incorporated with a throwing and catching activity in which the child catches the ball in sitting and throws when standing.

Overhead Throwing

With medium sized ball, stand about 5 feet away from your child.  Encourage them to use both hands and lift the therapy ball above their head then throw it forward and bounce on the ground one time.  You can play throw-and-catch and see who can make the louder noise! Make sure to watch your child’s posture and encourage them to stand up tall without leaning back or arching their back in order to engage their abdominals and increase their core strength.  ​

For Questions & More Information

If you have any questions on ball sizing or need more information about any of these exercises feel free to ask one of your friendly OTG Physical Therapists.  You can work with your child and their therapist to think up more fun games to play at home with the therapy ball.
Written by: The Physical Therapy Dept. at Oceanside Therapy Group
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