April is OT Month!

March 31st, 2017
April is OT Month

Happy OT Month! April has been recognized as an occupational therapy month since 1980. In addition to April being OT month, this year occupational therapy is celebrating its centennial, 100 years as a profession!!!

For occupational therapists the goal in therapy is to assist individuals in developing life skills and to participate in everyday activities. An individual’s “occupation” often depends on their stage in life: childhood, adulthood, and older adulthood. Occupational therapists also use a holistic approach to treat the “whole person”, and address the occupations of each individual in a unique way.

Children who are currently affected by developmental delays, or have a diagnosis which impacts their development often benefit from an occupational therapy evaluation (determining the child’s current level of performance), observation, treatment (intervention and strategies to address the child’s delays/areas of need), and consultation (working with the parent and/or family to carry over skills and strategies within the home environment).

Pediatric occupational therapists assist children in developing their “occupations”: playing, learning, socializing, and developing all of the skills needed to explore the world around them. At Oceanside Therapy Group, our occupational therapists assist their pediatric patients in developing grasping skills, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory processing skills, and self-help skills (feeding, dressing, hygiene, toileting, etc). Each child is uniquely different, therefore treatment is individualized to help each child achieve their goals and be successful in everyday life skills.

Please join OTG in celebrating 100 years of occupational therapy this month! Feel free to ask our therapists how occupational therapy might help your child with their daily occupations to achieve their life skills.

Written by: Sarah Cortez, MOT, OTR/L for Oceanside Therapy Group


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