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Help Your Child Communicate Better with a Speech Therapist Today

December 20th, 2020

Is Your Child Struggling with Verbal Skills? If so, We Can Help Working with a speech therapist is very similar to working with a physical therapist, at least as far as the routine goes. The person receiving the therapy will have regular appointments with their speech therapist to monitor and track their progress and will

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Help Your Child Master Handwriting with These 3 Tips!

December 10th, 2020

Is Your Child Struggling to Write? We Can Help! It’s every parent’s dream to set their child up for long-term success. Who hasn’t seen a doctor’s ridiculous scrawl and thought to themselves, “Oh, my gosh, who taught this person how to write?!” Handwriting says a lot about an individual, and the absolute best time to

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Did You Know Chores Could Help

Did You Know Chores Could Help Your Special Needs Child with Several Different Life Lessons?

November 20th, 2020

Did You Know Chores Could Do More for Your Child Than Just Help Keep the House Tidy? Giving your child with special needs some chores to do around the house can be beneficial not only for you as a parent (saving you time), but also for your child. In fact, according to the Autism Awareness

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