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If Your Child is Struggling to Walk

If Your Child is Struggling to Walk, Physical Therapy Can Help Them Become Mobile

February 20th, 2021

Physical Therapy Can Help Your Child Get on the Move! When a child is a late walker, feelings of excitement are often truncated by feelings of anxiety and dread. Questions regarding proper development outweigh the appreciation of having your infant remain an infant for just a little while longer. Teaching your child to walk is

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Did You Know Pediatric Physical Therapy

Did You Know Pediatric Physical Therapy Could Help Enhance Skills in Children with Autism?

February 10th, 2021

Help Your Child be the Best They can be With Physical Therapy! Children on the autism spectrum face a range of challenges in school and daily life. Working with a pediatric physical therapist can help your child with autism to develop many skills required for daily life. Sometimes referred to as “occupational therapy,” this type

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Helping Your Special Needs

Helping Your Special Needs Child Understand How to Cope Better

January 20th, 2021

Is Your Child Struggling with Coping Skills? Parents of special needs children have to learn many different coping skills, and they also need to help their child develop better coping mechanisms. Physical therapy can be an integral part of developing these coping skills, and your work with the physical therapist can be just as beneficial

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