National PT Month 2018

October 5th, 2018

Q & A with OTG Physical Therapists

Question 1: What’s the average length of therapy a child will receive for PT?

KC: The average length of physical therapy will vary child to child. We can possibly see a kiddo for a month or many years. The great thing about physical therapy is that we work on so many areas of the body that a child’s sessions are constantly changing and evolving based on what the child is doing.
Chris: Time will vary. Orthopedic-based conditions tend to be weeks/months and developmental-based can be months/years.

Question 2: What’s your favorite part about being a PT?

My favorite part of being a PT is helping children and families reach their goals through movement. Improving how a child moves can help them improve social interactions, increase attention, and open up new environments for them to explore. Activity and movement is great for all members of the family and I love helping everyone lead healthy, active, lifestyles!
Chris:  I definitely echo the creativity/spontaneous aspect to peds, it’s very motivating. Diversity and the apparent need within the peds specialty were specific draws for me coming out of PT school. The diversity in population/background and different family structures we serve are motivating.
Athena: The BEST part about being a PT for me is that it calls for creativity and flexibility with each treatment — every kiddo is different and special in their own way, which encourages new avenues for exercises and activities. I’m constantly learning from each child and family we treat. Plus, I have yet to find another profession in which busting out in random (Disney) songs is considered appropriate, if not encouraged 🙂

Question 3: What are your favorite exercises/activities in therapy, what conditions do they treat?
My favorite exercises are SQUATS!!!! Squats are awesome for children with any and all conditions. Working on the gluteal musculature (aka the booty muscles) helps with stability, single leg balance, jumping, running, and walking. 

A Final Word from Our PTs

Physical therapists are always here to answer any questions! Don’t be afraid to ask anything, even if it seems like a silly question. If we don’t know the answer we will do the research and look it up! Our PT team loves to solve any puzzle and are happy to help you with anything for your child’s development.  Physical therapists are trained and matriculate at a clinical Doctoral level. They are experts in assessing/treating movement-based disorders/pathology in order to restore and maximize function and quality of life.

Written by: Natalie Shilling & the PT Dept. at Oceanside Therapy Group