Our Team

Nadine Lopo , M.S., CCC-SLP, SLP MANAGER

Nadine Lopo is a licensed speech language pathologist and member of the American Speech – Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Science from Arizona State University and a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Speech Pathology from Northern Arizona University. Nadine is PROMPT Level 1 trained, SOS trained, Talk Tools trained, and has completed courses from Melanie Potock (Feeding Difficulties: It’s Not Just about Swallowing) and Nina Ayd Johanson (AEIOU: An Integrated Approach to Pediatric Feeding). She attended the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in January 2015 and is knowledgeable in Unity, LAMP, TouchChat HD, and other low and high tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.

Nadine has experience working in a variety of settings, including public schools, non-public schools, in-home, and private practice. Her clinical experience includes assessment and treatment of children through adulthood with a variety of disorders and diagnoses; including receptive and expressive language delays/disorders, articulation/phonological disorders, apraxia, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), dysphagia (feeding) disorders, auditory processing disorders, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disorders.

Nadine loves working with children of all ages and backgrounds and is especially dedicated to providing intervention for children with feeding disorders and children who use AAC devices to communicate. She emphasizes a family-centered approach, including play-based therapy and structured activities. Nadine takes pride in working closely with family members as essential partners in helping children reach their full potential. Through continued education, research, and training, Nadine continues to enhance her ability to provide effective, evidence-based approaches to treatment.

In her spare time, Nadine enjoys staying active, healthy, and meeting new people. She loves food and trying new restaurants. Nadine travels frequently to visit family and friends and looks forward to hosting visitors to beautiful southern California.