Patient Testimonials

  • My children have been coming here since December of 2012. Between my kids and numerous appointments through the years they have worked with every Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist that is employed here. The therapist doesn’t always change like that, but I like for my children to get as much therapy time as possible and we are always picking up extra/fill in appointments with whomever is available. All of my children have thrived here. One child went from non-verbal to a chatter box. Another went from 2 years of speech services through various schools and showing no improvement, to catching up and surpassing what is considered age appropriate speech within 15 months. I will always recommend Oceanside Therapy Group to anyone and everyone.

    Katie R.

  • We have been with Oceanside Therapy Group for 3 years now, and they have done wonders for both of our children. We have (or have had) them in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and feeding therapy there. All of the staff, from office to therapists clearly love their jobs and love our kids.

    Christine L.

  • We see multiple therapists here at Oceanside Therapy Group and absolutely love all of them. We see each discipline each week for two kids, so we’ve seen a lot of the therapists here. Everyone always remembers where my kids are at in their treatment and are beyond willing to accommodate anything I ask or for any extra appointments I feel they may benefit from. They always go the extra mile in explaining what’s going on so that as a parent you truly feel involved.

    Kaitlyn L.

  • Oceanside Therapy Group has been incredibly helpful for our two toddlers on the spectrum! One of our children barely spoke and in just a year working with Amanda (Speech-Language Pathologist), his language has exploded! Ariel (Physical Therapist) noticed he was toe walking before we even caught it! She helped get him corrective braces for his feet to help get him back on track! Our other son immediately latched on to Tony (Occupational Therapist)! He has been so helpful as we watch both our boys grow by leaps and bounds! He also works with Megan and Jessica (Speech-Language Pathologists). I’m amazed by how knowledgeable and patient they are. I walked in with the “deer in the headlights” look after my children were diagnosed. They have helped me better understand autism and how to help my children both physically and emotionally. The receptionists and office staff are friendly and professional. They are pros at helping navigate our crazy schedule! I highly recommend Oceanside Therapy Group to anyone!

    Beth T.

  • We love Oceanside Therapy Group! Both kids have received speech and occupational therapies since 2014 with a variety of therapists. All of the therapists here are so capable and constantly striving to evolve and improve their skills. Our daughter struggles with transitions and the therapists handle it with large amounts of patience and she always comes back at the end of her sessions saying that she had fun. Both kids have made tremendous amounts of progress during their time at Oceanside Therapy Group. I feel like each discipline (speech, occupational, and physical therapies) are adequately staffed and we are always able to get appointments rescheduled easily. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else, our therapists feel like an extension of our family.

    Kelly S.

  • We were at Oceanside Therapy Group for about a year and a half, from Feb 2015 to June 2006. My son went to physical therapy with Dr. Chris, occupational therapy with Ms. Sarah, and speech therapy and social speech group with Ms. Vanessa – so most of our week was spent up there. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing place.

    The staff is so friendly, the waiting rooms are fun and kid-friendly, the therapists are awesome, and the therapy gym…wow. Everyone we encountered, we just loved. Each of my son’s therapist has changed our lives for the better. They have given him such self-confidence and the tools that he needs to be successful in his life. Dr. Chris even went to far as to run a 5K with my son, which is one of his favorite memories.

    I would 100% recommend Oceanside Therapy Group to anyone. If we ever have the chance to move back to Southern California, we will definitely be coming back.

    Lauren S.

  • We’ve been going to Oceanside Therapy Group (OTG) since February 2011 (when my son was 6 months old) till present. We started with just our older daughter receiving speech therapy, then both my oldest daughter and son (we have had a 7 month old too now). My son started speech at exactly a year old due to him not talking. About 6 months after that both children started receiving occupational therapy.

    Both my kids have seen by Shari, Tony, Meg, Courtney, Mehgan, Mara, Erin, Sara and a few others when were filling in for someone else’s cancelled appointment. I did learn (quickly by Shari when we first started) that if you don’t keep going consistently its NOT going to help your child. You will also be charged $50 (or at least thats what it was at the time I paid for missing 2 sessions in a row ). If you or your child isn’t happy with their current Oceanside Therapy Group therapist then tell Armida or the front desk and they will try to work your child in with another therapist that may be a better fit.

    Oceanside Therapy Group has grown so much in the years we’ve been going. When we started it was a waiting room with 2 – 2 seater love seats and a 3 seater couch, a receptionist (who wrote everything in pencil in individual scheduling books) and just a few speech therapists. Now they have almost the whole downstairs of the building and moved to electronic scheduling and 4 receptionists. We’ve had a few scheduling mix ups and problems but thats only been because I didn’t pay attention to my calendar or listen to what I was told and when my kids appointments were.

    We moved in April 2012 down to Rancho Bernardo and made the drive (in morning rush hour traffic) 3 times a week. After 7 months we switched offices to something closer to us in RB (let’s call that place # 2) and 3 months after switching to place #2 we switched back to Oceanside Therapy Group. The staff at place # 2 was not conducive for my kids and after a few therapists, it just wasn’t working for us. The only downfall was losing our spots with Shari and Tony (the most sought after therapists) but we wanted them back and were put on a ‘wait list’ so to speak to be back on their schedules when a spot opened up that worked for both them and us.

    Oceanside Therapy Group also has an annual FREE family day with burgers, hot dogs, jump houses, relay games, face paint, balloons and just plain old outdoor fun for kids. They also participate in the ACT! for Military Families Autism 5k/10k every year too – my kids love going to both events 🙂 Josh and Rebekah (the wonders of Oceanside Therapy Group) really put their hearts and souls into their business to make sure that the families they service get what they need. At times that comes at a sacrifice to their own children and most of the families don’t realize what it takes to run a pediatric therapy office of this size. We will continue our services with Oceanside Therapy Group until the kids “graduate” – when that day comes I may cry just a tad bit!

    Kristi T.

  • My son became a patient in 2015 after having surgery to remove a brain tumor and then undergoing radiation & chemo. We are in our third year and the life my son leads now, is in part to the hard work, dedication, and attention he has received at Oceanside Therapy Group. He has been undergoing both physical and occupational therapy and other than the scar that’s visible around his head, you would have never known he has gone through all he’s endured. Thank you Miss Ariel, Miss Lauren and Dr. Chris for everything!

    Nancy L.

  • My kids have been receiving speech and occupational therapy services since 2012. They love their time spent at Oceanside Therapy Group with their therapists. I love that I have seen my kids thrive and improve by leaps and bounds. Oceanside Therapy Group has become our home away from home and like a second family to us.


  • The time and feedback my therapist provides to us after each session is greatly appreciated, and her dedication to her profession and the children she treats is definitely above the rest.


  • After six months of speech therapy with Rebekah Van Orden, Trey is in many ways a different child. Rebekah has provided him with the tools he needs to interact with children his own age.