Beth T.

May 9th, 2019

Oceanside Therapy Group has been incredibly helpful for our two toddlers on the spectrum! One of our children barely spoke and in just a year working with Amanda (Speech-Language Pathologist), his language has exploded! Ariel (Physical Therapist) noticed he was toe walking before we even caught it! She helped get him corrective braces for his feet to help get him back on track! Our other son immediately latched on to Tony (Occupational Therapist)! He has been so helpful as we watch both our boys grow by leaps and bounds! He also works with Megan and Jessica (Speech-Language Pathologists). I’m amazed by how knowledgeable and patient they are. I walked in with the “deer in the headlights” look after my children were diagnosed. They have helped me better understand autism and how to help my children both physically and emotionally. The receptionists and office staff are friendly and professional. They are pros at helping navigate our crazy schedule! I highly recommend Oceanside Therapy Group to anyone!