Kristi T.

May 9th, 2019

We’ve been going to Oceanside Therapy Group (OTG) since February 2011 (when my son was 6 months old) till present. We started with just our older daughter receiving speech therapy, then both my oldest daughter and son (we have had a 7 month old too now). My son started speech at exactly a year old due to him not talking. About 6 months after that both children started receiving occupational therapy.

Both my kids have seen by Shari, Tony, Meg, Courtney, Mehgan, Mara, Erin, Sara and a few others when were filling in for someone else’s cancelled appointment. I did learn (quickly by Shari when we first started) that if you don’t keep going consistently its NOT going to help your child. You will also be charged $50 (or at least thats what it was at the time I paid for missing 2 sessions in a row ). If you or your child isn’t happy with their current Oceanside Therapy Group therapist then tell Armida or the front desk and they will try to work your child in with another therapist that may be a better fit.

Oceanside Therapy Group has grown so much in the years we’ve been going. When we started it was a waiting room with 2 – 2 seater love seats and a 3 seater couch, a receptionist (who wrote everything in pencil in individual scheduling books) and just a few speech therapists. Now they have almost the whole downstairs of the building and moved to electronic scheduling and 4 receptionists. We’ve had a few scheduling mix ups and problems but thats only been because I didn’t pay attention to my calendar or listen to what I was told and when my kids appointments were.

We moved in April 2012 down to Rancho Bernardo and made the drive (in morning rush hour traffic) 3 times a week. After 7 months we switched offices to something closer to us in RB (let’s call that place # 2) and 3 months after switching to place #2 we switched back to Oceanside Therapy Group. The staff at place # 2 was not conducive for my kids and after a few therapists, it just wasn’t working for us. The only downfall was losing our spots with Shari and Tony (the most sought after therapists) but we wanted them back and were put on a ‘wait list’ so to speak to be back on their schedules when a spot opened up that worked for both them and us.

Oceanside Therapy Group also has an annual FREE family day with burgers, hot dogs, jump houses, relay games, face paint, balloons and just plain old outdoor fun for kids. They also participate in the ACT! for Military Families Autism 5k/10k every year too – my kids love going to both events 🙂 Josh and Rebekah (the wonders of Oceanside Therapy Group) really put their hearts and souls into their business to make sure that the families they service get what they need. At times that comes at a sacrifice to their own children and most of the families don’t realize what it takes to run a pediatric therapy office of this size. We will continue our services with Oceanside Therapy Group until the kids “graduate” – when that day comes I may cry just a tad bit!