Down Syndrome

Down syndrome occurs when there is a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. This additional genetic material alters the course of development and produces common traits for children with Down syndrome. A few common physical traits that occur are low muscle tone, low strength, difficulty attaining normal development milestones, walking difficulties, and lax ligaments.

Children with Down syndrome most often have cognitive and neurological delays with difficulty processing information and tasks planning/execution.

How Pediatric Therapy Helps

Pediatric Therapy is very important in helping the child with Down syndrome reach their full potential. Pediatric physical therapy works to improve muscle motor patterns, so activities can be completed with enhanced skill sets. As a result, the child can carryover these physical skills to maximize participation and attain more independence.

Pediatric occupational therapy and pediatric speech therapy help the child with Down Syndrome to improve self care skills, fine and gross motor skills, play and leisure activities, speech or feeding difficulties.

In addition, pediatric speech therapy addresses issues with speech and language development. The low tone associated with Down Syndrome often affects the muscles of the tongue and throat, affecting speech and feeding.

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