Gross Motor Development

Movement translates an individuals needs, desires, and preferences during early development and throughout the lifespan. Gross motor skills typically rely on whole-body movements to achieve a task such as safely negotiating stairs or throwing a ball to a friend. Gross motor development should attempt to maximize, influence, and encourage gross motor movements that uniquely best enable full and meaningful participation in all play environments.

What are gross motor skills?

Some children have difficulty with gross motor skill acquisition as a result of being born prematurely or have neurological impairments that can be the result of a genetic disorder. Gross motor skills involve movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso beginning as early as weeks to months shortly after birth.

Why is pediatric therapy for gross motor development so important?

Gross motor skills impact a person’s balance and coordination abilities, as well as body awareness, strength, and reaction time. They also form the basis for fine motor skill development that allow your child to make smaller movements.

If your child is experiencing difficulty or delays in any of these areas, a pediatric physical therapist will provide tremendous professional support and clinical expertise in working with your family to best address concerns and barriers toward optimal tailored progression.

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