Attendance and Cancellation Policy


It is important that your child receives therapy in a consistent manner in order for the therapy to be effective. All patients are expected to attend at least 75% of all recurring appointments each month. This policy reflects OTG’s strong desire to see your child be successful in his or her treatment plan.

Late Arrival:

If you arrive fifteen (15) minutes late to the scheduled appointment time, your therapist may not be available.  Your child’s therapist may leave, see another patient, or become occupied with another assignment.  Thus, there is no guarantee that your child will be seen. If not seen, this will be considered a No Show and incur the No Show fee.  If seen, you or your insurance company will be billed for the full session.

Planned Cancellations:

Cancellations planned in advance should be done as soon as possible and no later than 8:00 a.m. the day of the appointment by calling our scheduling department. There is no fee for planned cancellations, although at least 75% attendance must be maintained each month to guarantee your child’s reserved appointment.

Please notify the front desk as soon as possible if you plan to have a prolonged absence from therapy (e.g., vacation, surgery, therapy break, etc.). If the absence from therapy exceeds two (2) weeks, the patient’s standing appointment time is not guaranteed.

No Shows (NS):

There is a fee (per child, per therapy discipline) for missed appointments without prior notification to our scheduling department. This fee is not covered by any insurance. This is an out-of-pocket expense. This fee must be paid prior to your next appointment.


OTG is closed on the following dates: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday/Friday), Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Additional closures may be scheduled, and OTG staff will notify families in advance of these.

Please ask your therapist, the front desk, or the office manager if you have any questions or concerns regarding OTG’s Attendance and Cancellation Policy.