Balance/Neuromuscular Training

There are many different conditions that can contribute to patterned movement strategies and balance difficulties. Problems with balance and walking challenges can often show up in play and through functional activities such running, jumping, and climbing. Necessary negotiation of varied surfaces, terrain, and a multitude of environmental task situations should reveal potential deficits.

Children that start to fall behind often have problems with coordination, balance, and strength resulting in trips, falls, and functional delays relative to peers.

How Pediatric Therapy Helps

Our pediatric physical therapists typically work with children having delays or difficulty with walking. Pediatric physical therapists will be involved in helping children with improving their muscle motor movements Our therapists evaluate your child’s posture/alignment, balance, and coordination on a variety of surfaces.

This paints a picture of what specific sequences or areas may need addressing. A thorough plan is then put together. Therapeutic exercise development will occur while working together with your family on activities to perform at home, school, and community settings. Our goal during pediatric physical therapy is to attain meaningful task related goals while making therapy a fun, playful and engaging experience. Request an appointment today!