• How does my child get started with pediatric therapies?

    To get more information about OTG or to begin the intake process, feel free to give us a call at 760-529-4975. Our friendly staff will discuss any concerns about your child’s development and determine if an evaluation is right for you. Our authorizations department can contact your insurance company to verify benefits for your insurance plan. This is not a guarantee of coverage by your insurance company, but will give us some information to get started. In the case that a medical prescription may be needed, we will assist you in what to ask your physician. We will then schedule an appointment for your child’s initial evaluation.

  • What do I need to bring to my child’s first appointment?

    Please arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first appointment so you have time to go over the necessary paperwork. Feel free to download the patient forms, fill them out ahead of time and bring them in. Please arrive with your family insurance cards, photo ID and current list of any medications. In addition, it is very helpful if you take some time to write down questions you may have as well as common signs, symptoms and difficulties with activities your child has. We appreciate copies of any prior reports or other medical documentation that may assist the therapist with getting to know your child’s medical history. In addition, please bring any necessary equipment or assistive devices that your child commonly uses.

  • What should I expect from the initial evaluation?

    The initial evaluation is a time for the therapist to get to know your child and examine his or her current levels of functioning, including strengths and areas of need. We encourage a loving and supportive environment where you and your child feel secure and comfortable. Since we work with children of all ages and developmental levels, we utilize a family-centered approach that includes observation and interaction with your child as well as feedback from you. Our therapists are the professionals, but YOU are the expert on your child!

    The evaluation session may last up to one hour, not including time to fill out any paperwork prior to meeting with the therapist. Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist will review her initial impressions about your child’s needs and, if therapy is recommended, a treatment plan of care. At that time, we encourage you to schedule your ongoing appointments with the front desk.

  • How are therapy services paid for?

    We will bill your medical insurance if that is available and we accept your plan. We do offer convenient options for cash plans for families without insurance. If your insurance plan has a deductible, cost-share or co-payment, the appropriate payment will be due at the time of treatment. Our accounting department is happy to make convenient payment plans with families. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

  • How long is each treatment session?

    Session times are based on the clinical hour/half-hour model. Each session includes (1) direct client therapy, (2) consultation with the parent/guardian and/or other professionals regarding your child, and (3) documentation of session. It is our goal to be sensitive and respectful to your family and other families. Therefore, being punctual with the start and end of each session is important to everyone.

  • What if my child does not feel well?

    We work with children and know that children do get sick. We do not want others to be exposed to a contagious child. Please give us as much notice as possible when cancelling.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    OTG emphasizes the importance of building a strong relationship between the therapist and the child. The more consistently your child attends therapy, the more successful treatment will be. We appreciate 24-hour’s notice for cancellations in order for the therapist to have an opportunity to work with another child. However, any appointment cancelled after 8:00 a.m. on the day of the appointment, with the exception of emergency situations, is considered a Late Cancellation and will result in a late cancellation fee. 

    • Please see our Attendance and Cancellation Policy for a complete description once you schedule your initial evaluation.