Spina Bifida

Has Your Infant Been Diagnosed With Spina Bifida?

Learning how to care for your child and ensure that he or she is on the best possible track for growth and development requires an integrated multidisciplinary team.

According to ChoosePT, “Spina bifida is a birth defect that develops when an infant’s spinal cord does not completely close during the early stages of the mother’s pregnancy. Spina bifida is diagnosed in approximately 1,500 babies born in the United States each year.”

How Can Oceanside Therapy Group Help

Physical therapy can help children with spina bifida improve mobility, coordination, and muscle strength. Your child’s physical therapist will:

  • Do a full evaluation of your child’s condition
  • Look at their medical history & ask health related questions
  • Assess their muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility
  • Complete multiple motor tests

A customized treatment plan will likely include strength and balance exercises, as well as the use of assistive devices/equipment such as braces or walkers to help increase functional mobility.

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